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Watercolor Basic Supply List

Before we dive into the mesmerizing art of watercolors, we need to equip ourselves with the right tools for the job. To ensure a seamless online painting experience, I've put together a basic supply list that will set you up for success in your upcoming watercolor adventures.

Watercolor Paint:

Choose a good-quality watercolor paint set with a variety of colors. Look for a set that includes primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) and secondary colors (green, purple, and orange).

Watercolor Paper:

Get a block of watercolor paper specifically designed for watercolor painting. The paper should be thick and able to handle water without warping or tearing. Aim for a weight of around 140lb (300gsm) or higher.

Watercolor Brushes:

Invest in a set of watercolor brushes in various shapes and sizes. The most commonly used brushes include round brushes (size 4, 8, and 12) and flat brushes (3/4 inch or 1-inch wide).


A mixing palette is essential for blending and mixing colors. You can choose a traditional one made of plastic or porcelain or opt for a disposable palette pad.

Masking Tape:

This is useful if you are not working on a block of watercolor paper. You can tape down your watercolor paper to prevent it from buckling when wet. You will also need a foam board, or something similarly sturdy to tape your papr to.

Water Containers:

You'll need at least two water containers—one for clean water to wet your brushes and one for rinsing them. You can use jars or special water containers designed for artists.

Pencil, Paper, and Eraser:

You'll need a pencil and some paper for sketching and your watercolor compositions and an eraser for any mistakes or guidelines you want to remove. A kneaded eraser is great for removing extra graphite from your watercolor paper.

Paper Towels or Sponge:

Keep some paper towels or a sponge nearby to blot excess water and clean up spills.

Remember, this is just a basic supply list to get you started with an online watercolor class. As you progress and explore more techniques, you may find additional materials that suit your style and preferences. Enjoy your upcoming watercolor journey, see you online!


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