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My Favorite Brush Accessories

I've explored a world full of intriguing paint brush accessories, finding myself time and again amazed at how they can enrich my art journey. Over the years, I've tried, tested, and embraced a plethora of accessories, from brush holders to cleaning tools, and even protective cases that safeguard my precious brushes. Each of these tools has its unique charm and utility, contributing to a seamless, enjoyable, and productive painting experience. These are a few of my favs.

Richeson Porcelain Brush Holder

The porcelain brush holder, with its delicate craftsmanship and elegant design, not only keeps my brushes organized and protected but also adds a touch of aesthetic beauty to my painting workspace.

Alvin Heritage Paintbrush Holders

This roll up/stand up holder provides an excellent solution for storing and transporting brushes, ensuring they maintain their shape and integrity even when painting on the go.

The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver

Though I only use this a few times a year, it helps me with maintaining my brushes' health, effectively removing pigment residues while simultaneously conditioning the bristles, thus preserving their longevity and performance over countless painting sessions.

Mounted Metal Art Tray

I got two of these for my last birthday and I love love love them. I can see all my brushes at once and no longer have to search for the one I want. I mounted them to my table myself and there are slots for all sized brushes, and even a slot for my phone.

Rotating Bamboo Organizer

I had this for years until I replaced it with the mounted trays, and now my daughter gets it to have it. I like it for the 360-degree rotation that allowed easy access to all my brushes, and the bamboo construction added a touch of earthy charm to my studio.

Canvas Brush Organizer

If you like to keep a lot of brushes on hand, you need the 60-pocket Brush Organizer. I had this for many many years when I was an oil painter in my first studio, and I used thumbtacks to mount it to the wall. No matter how many brushes you own, you can roll them up to store and travel with them with ease.

I'd love to hear about your favorite watercolor accessories. Have you tried any of the ones I mentioned? Please drop your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below. Your experiences might just inspire another artist. Let's learn and grow together.

Happy painting! folks!


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