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This is a bundle of 3 digital art prints, featuring an abstract landscape made with watercolor on paper with digital retouching. There are 18 files total, 6 of each painting in various sizes.

Painting #1. Ethereal Erosion: Ethereal Erosion presents colors and forms evocative of a landscape eroding, not as a destructive force, but erosion as a mesmerizing spectacle of transformation.

Painting #2. Floating Fragments: This piece illustrates the shimmering spectacle of a landscape dissolving, reflecting on theephemeral nature of our world and our perception of it.

Painting #3. Liquid Shores: This piece captures an imagined view of an island drifting away into the limitless expanse of the ocean. I've blended watercolor and digital graphics to portray the island's journey, drifting farther away yet remaining harmonious and serene in their journey.

Bundle of 3 High-Res Digital Downloads, Digital Art Print, Abstract Lanscapes

  • When you purchase one of my digital pieces, you'll receive not one but six high-resolution digital files of the artwork, each in a different size. The sizes provided are:  4x3" 6x4", 7x5", 10x8", 14x11", 20x16".

    Since this is a bundle of 3 digital products, you will receive 18 files, 6 files in various sizes per painting.

    This flexibility allows you to choose the file that best suits the size of the print you want to create.

    Please note that these are digital products, and what you're purchasing are the digital files for the art. No physical item will be shipped to you. Instead, the files will be made available for you to download directly after your purchase.

    You can use these digital files to print the artwork at home, at a local print shop, or through an online printing service. This way, you can frame the print, use it as a desktop wallpaper, or even feature it on digital platforms.

    Thank you for your interest in my artwork. Should you have any other questions or need further clarification, feel free to contact me.

    Enjoy your artful journey!

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